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YouTube: Angular In 5 Minutes

Last weekend we had the Angular Hack Day here in Brisbane which is a great event ran by SSW to help others to get started with Angular. We had some very cool talks (the full video of the talks is here), but we've failed badly in one thing, all the talks were targeted to a much more advanced audience. That's a lesson learnt, understand the audience and tailor the talks accordingly.

I wanted to fix this somehow and after talking to Gabe, we've decided to start a brand new YouTube channel called Angular In 5 Minutes. And the goal of the channel is recording several short videos (5 minutes or less) going from the very beginning to some advanced features.

So stay tuned, because some cool content will start flowing shortly. Also don't forget to subscribe. If you have any content you would love to see it covered, please do let us know, we'll do our best to make it happen.

If you want to check what's coming next, you can check our Trello board.

And that's our very first video: Angular Hello World


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