Azure Functions + Table Storage - CRUD

Imagine having all your CRUD operations in a single Azure Function? In this post, I'm going to use Azure Table Storage to demonstrate all CRUD operation in a single function. Keep in mind this is for demonstration purposes only, for scalability sake you would probably have separate functions for reads and writes. The source code covered in this post is available here To be able to access my Azure Table Storage, I'll have to set two bindings for my function. You can achieve the same in the portal by going to the integrate tab and adding Azure Table Storage as »

Serving Angular App From Azure CDN

I've been using CDN for a long time, but it really never came to my mind to serve a whole client application using CDN. When I first heard about it I thought it was crazy, but then I started investigating to see how easy and feasible it was to achieve that. Found a couple of sites here and there with step-by-step guides on how to use Azure CDN, including in the official documentation, but nothing as specific as I wanted. So started playing with it and I actually got to the other end. So here we go... In this example, »

.NET Core SPA + Docker : Simpler

Just kind of replacing my last post to make the getting started even simpler. After playing a little bit more with Docker, I've realized there's no need to use compose, build, YAML or any of these fancy stuff for such a simple implementation. With 10 commands, you'll have your brand new spa, docker image, and container up-and-running. Let's have a look... The commands below assume you have the pre-requisites listed in the previous post and VS Code installed Open your console and start typing md SpaDocker cd SpaDocker dotnet new angular dotnet restore dotnet publish -c Release -o ./build touch »

.NET Core SPA + Docker

Playing with Docker has been on my bucket list for while and I've finally put aside some time to get started. So this was the easiest way I've found to start a brand new SPA using .NET Core and dockerize it. I'm not going to do any introduction to Docker itself, if you want to know more about it, check this video or go to their website. Pre-requisites DotNet Cli SPA Templates Install Docker for Windows Creating SPA Open the console (I use Cmder) and navigate to a folder you want to create your application. In the commands below, I »

Azure Functions .NET UG Tour

A few months ago I put together an Azure Functions lightening talk to present at MS Ignite and I've realized that there was so much more to be said than 15 minutes. So I've turned it into a full talk and the idea of this talk was to cover from end-to-end the whole development lifecycle of Azure Functions and also give several different ways to do so. In this talk, I give an overview of Serverless, the pros and cons, when not to use it and a few other things. I won't put the whole content of the talk in »