.NET Core SPA + Docker : Simpler

Just kind of replacing my last post to make the getting started even simpler. After playing a little bit more with Docker, I've realized there's no need to use compose, build, YAML or any of these fancy stuff for such a simple implementation. With 10 commands, you'll have your brand new spa, docker image, and container up-and-running. Let's have a look... The commands below assume you have the pre-requisites listed in the previous post and VS Code installed Open your console and start typing md SpaDocker cd SpaDocker dotnet new angular dotnet restore dotnet publish -c Release -o ./build touch »

.NET Core SPA + Docker

Playing with Docker has been on my bucket list for while and I've finally put aside some time to get started. So this was the easiest way I've found to start a brand new SPA using .NET Core and dockerize it. I'm not going to do any introduction to Docker itself, if you want to know more about it, check this video or go to their website. Pre-requisites DotNet Cli SPA Templates Install Docker for Windows Creating SPA Open the console (I use Cmder) and navigate to a folder you want to create your application. In the commands below, I »

Azure Functions .NET UG Tour

A few months ago I put together an Azure Functions lightening talk to present at MS Ignite and I've realized that there was so much more to be said than 15 minutes. So I've turned it into a full talk and the idea of this talk was to cover from end-to-end the whole development lifecycle of Azure Functions and also give several different ways to do so. In this talk, I give an overview of Serverless, the pros and cons, when not to use it and a few other things. I won't put the whole content of the talk in »

Moving from TFVC to Git on VSTS

I've got a task this week to move a fairly old project from an internal TFS instance (using TFVC) to Visual Studio Team Services using Git. 1st Attempt I tried using the steps from this link (import-from-tfvc), but then I realized half way through that my project wasn't in VSTS. So no good. 2nd Attempt I started following the steps on https://www.visualstudio.com/learn/migrate-other-systems-to-git/, but pretty early I realized that it wouldn't keep any history then what would be the point? 3rd Attempt - Success I've found this post from Juri Strumpflohner with steps using Git-TF to »

.NET Core Running on IIS

I'm configuring an application that we've migrated to .NET Core. It's hosted on Windows Virtual Machines running IIS. It seems like an easy task, right? It has many challenges. The published folder of my application has a wwwroot directory which my IIS application would point to in the past. Not anymore. The web.config in the root folder points to the application's executable. One thing to note is that it also requires a new module AspNetCoreModule and if you don't have it installed you'll get a 404 response. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> < »