Azure Superpowers Tour

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event happen including all attendees, and especially SSW and Adam Cogan for supporting and sponsoring these events, Adam Stephensen for being my wingman or the other way around, and of course my beautiful wife and kids for handling my absence prior and during the tour. It's been a hell of a couple of weeks. Putting together slides and demos is a lot of work, involving a lot of frustration and a lot of late nights to make sure everything flows smoothly. The prepping is intense and for sure it can't »

SQL Management Studio + Windows Authentication + Different Domain

Not directly related to development, just something that has been there for a long time and I just recently found out. I had been finding my self more often than I'd like remote desktoping to SQL Server boxes in order to use SQL Management Studio, after sharing my pain with Jason Taylor, he pointed me to the right direction and use Windows Credential Manager. Quite simple really, just trigger Credential Manager Make sure you're on the Windows Credentials tab and click on Add a Windows credential Now just populate the form and click OK, just something to keep in mind »

Build and Deploy an Angular App from GitHub to Azure Website

I had a bit of a challenge when I tried to deploy an Angular app to Azure and I'd love to share it since it was new to me, it might as well help other people. I used the Angular Cli to create my app and all I wanted was to deploy the final dist folder, but I really didn't want to plug some CI tool to it, as it was something so simple. First thing I tried was simply configuring continuous deployment in Azure to pick up my GitHub repository and hoped that Azure would be smart enough to »

NDC Sydney 2017 - My Highlights

If you are a developer, specially a .NET developer, and you've never been to an NDC Conference, I highly recommend you to put it in your wishlist. It's the best tech conference I've been so far, yes, it's that good and no, I'm not gaining anything to advertise it. It's my second time at NDC Sydney and I'm looking forward to next year's. This year I went for a full week including the 2-day workshop leading to the conference, which was pretty hard to choose from the 13 available options. At the end I chose Designing Microservices by Sam Newman, »

Azure Functions + Table Storage - CRUD

Imagine having all your CRUD operations in a single Azure Function? In this post, I'm going to use Azure Table Storage to demonstrate all CRUD operation in a single function. Keep in mind this is for demonstration purposes only, for scalability sake you would probably have separate functions for reads and writes. The source code covered in this post is available here To be able to access my Azure Table Storage, I'll have to set two bindings for my function. You can achieve the same in the portal by going to the integrate tab and adding Azure Table Storage as »