NDC Sydney 2018

In the last 2 years, I went to NDC Sydney and it's always been a great event, possibly the best conference I've been, but this time it would be different, this time I wasn't only attending but also presenting. While I did a hell lot of prep to get there, I was still sh*ting on my pants, but let's see how it went. I'm sure it would be awesome anyway.

I'll add the recordings as soon as they are available

Pre conference

Let's start with the call for papers: using Sessionize makes our lives so much easier, I usually have a couple of talks lined up, so the process of submitting talks was a piece of cake. I just wish all other conferences would use it.

Once I was accepted to speak, the whole organization of flights and accommodation was seamless. They got in touch and sorted everything months before the event, giving us enough time to do any preparation from our end.

My goal this time

I was presenting, so my first goal obviously was to do a good job so I could keep coming back, but it wasn't only that. In the previous NDCs, my goal was to watch as many presentations as possible to learn as much as my brain could handle, this time I wasn't going to even try that because I know from previous experience that this is just not possible, I would only have a brain freeze (if there's such thing). This time my main goal was to talk to people, make connections, learn from the great minds. It's one of those things that this conference allows us.

Kick off

As expected, the kick off of the best developer conference in Australia (in my opinion) was amazing, the whole atmosphere was so good. It was great to see so many first time attendees and speakers (including myself), which made me feel even more comfortable.


Overall, it was amazing. Great people, great talks, great food, great venue, great organizers and volunteers, great after parties.


As I said, the conference was great, but here are some of my high and downlights.


  • Presenting at the conference I love and not getting any reds
  • Being amongst so many smart people
  • Interviewing for SSW TV
  • Staying at Hilton
  • Networking and planning next conferences
  • Boat cruise
  • Afterparty


That's it. I'm looking forward to the next NDC, either NDC London, NDC Portugal, NDC Oslo or anything that comes first in my way.


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