Microsoft Flow: Email Me When My Latest Post Is Older Than 10 Days

This started with the idea of getting more involved, share more and learn more. So I set a goal to write at least 2 blog posts per month. Since I'm starting this journey, I need that much time to think about the content and write a decent enough post worth publishing. Alright, I've been playing with Microsoft Flow and it's pretty nice, although it's got some limitations. So my first idea as a "Hello World" was to create a flow to send me an email when a new blog post was published in a specific blog I follow, for example, »

Azure Functions: Proxies

Azure Functions Proxies has just been announced as preview a couple of days ago and I played with it for a little while. It really fills the gap for a lot of people. First of all, if you haven't played with proxies yet, go to to get started, then come back here :D and... Let's take some simple scenarios: Simplifying URL I've got a simple Azure Function and the full URL to call it is and I want to tidy the URL a bit »

Microsoft Ignite 2017

My preparation for Ignite 2017 started way earlier than for most of the attendees. I put together a talk about Azure Functions to be delivered at Meetup Madness that happened in the same premises of the Ignite but the day before. That would be my biggest talk so far, mostly regarding preparation. The delivery went well. I was a bit nervous at first, but not more than usual. Once the talk was out of the way, I could just sit and relax for the rest of the conference, until I find out that I had 6 interviews lined up to »

Azure Functions: Getting Started

Alright, so this is for a developer who's never created an Azure Function and want to get started. If you're not a dev and just want to get a feel of it, this is probably not a post for you, go to the Azure Portal and follow their steps to create an azure function using the UI. But if you are a dev, here I'm gonna cover creating a brand new Azure Functions in Visual Studio, configuring Continuous Integration and adding some integrations to it. Tools: Visual Studio 2015 or later Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions Azure Storage Explorer »

Angular2 + .net Core: Seamless Client & Server Validation

Most of the projects I work on nowadays are based on forms over data, and something that is always going to happen is some kind of data validation either before getting into the server or on the server itself. And most of the time I want this validation to happen on both sides. The good old .net MVC does that for us beautifully with Unobtrusive Validation, but what about Angular? I haven't found so far a good story that covers this scenario. So I had to build it. So here's what I did: Implemented a global filter in .net to »