Moving from TFVC to Git on VSTS

I've got a task this week to move a fairly old project from an internal TFS instance (using TFVC) to Visual Studio Team Services using Git. 1st Attempt I tried using the steps from this link (import-from-tfvc), but then I realized half way through that my project wasn't in VSTS. So no good. 2nd Attempt I started following the steps on, but pretty early I realized that it wouldn't keep any history then what would be the point? 3rd Attempt - Success I've found this post from Juri Strumpflohner with steps using Git-TF to »

.NET Core Running on IIS

I'm configuring an application that we've migrated to .NET Core. It's hosted on Windows Virtual Machines running IIS. It seems like an easy task, right? It has many challenges. The published folder of my application has a wwwroot directory which my IIS application would point to in the past. Not anymore. The web.config in the root folder points to the application's executable. One thing to note is that it also requires a new module AspNetCoreModule and if you don't have it installed you'll get a 404 response. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> < »

dotnet restore not restoring nuget packages

I faced an interesting challenge while upgrading to the latest dotnet CLI. We've built an application a while ago in vNext beta4. During the course of the application we migrated up to beta8 and now it was time to upgrade to the latest .NET Framework and to use the latest CLI. Enough of background. Once all the projects were migrated and running we started seeing some weird issues being raised in the build server (TeamCity) even though it was running fine locally. It took me a while to find out what the issue was. Any time I ran the command »

Moving from EF6 to EF Core

I always liked using the latest and greatest and in most of the cases this choice comes as a great challenge. We started building a project a couple of years ago in ASP.NET vNext (or whatever they called it at the time) beta4 with all the latest tooling: dnvm, dnx, dnu, etc... We were not brave enough at the time to use Entity Framework 7 for obvious reasons, it was simply not ready, so we used EF6 and it was kind of happy days until we were ready to release the first version of the application and ready to »

Angular + .NET Core: Drinking Game With SignalR

This idea came on one of the Angular Hack Days where I wanted to create something to present by the end of the day where I could get everyone involved. The game is quite simple, everyone will load the page and as people connect to the site more glasses of beer will show up on the screen, as you tap or click the amount of beer in your glass will decrease, the first person to empty their glass wins the game. That's what you see when you have the app running with 3 people connected to it: Of course, I »