Octo Pack For The Win

Alright, so my goal was to package my published project in order to push it to Octopus Deploy for it do its magic. It sounds easy, I've done that 100 times before. I can simply bring Octopack to my dotnet core 2.0 project and off I go.

Okay, it wasn't that simple. Octopack doesn't support dotnet core 2.0. It shouldn't be a big deal anyway, right? There are plenty of alternatives like nuget pack... which also doesn't support dotnet core :(.

I'm running out of options here, but the .NET CLI exposes the dotnet pack command, THAT'S BRILLIANT. Hummm... not quite. dotnet pack was designed to share code, so basically it doesn't include any dependencies at all. Which is not what I'm looking for.

Let's go back to the roots, shall we? I'll download the Octopus CLI and run octo pack and Hooray!!!! No more roadblocks. For me it looks something like this:

dotnet publish -c Release -o outputDir
octo pack --id PackageId --version 1.0.0 --basePath outputDir

Hope it helps.

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Thiago Passos

Thiago Passos

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