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.NET Core SPA + Docker : Simpler

Just kind of replacing my last post to make the getting started even simpler. After playing a little bit more with Docker, I've realized there's no need to use compose, build, YAML or any of these fancy stuff for such a simple implementation. With 10 commands, you'll have your brand new spa, docker image, and container up-and-running. Let's have a look...

The commands below assume you have the pre-requisites listed in the previous post and VS Code installed

Open your console and start typing

md SpaDocker
cd SpaDocker
dotnet new angular
dotnet restore
dotnet publish -c Release -o ./build
touch DockerFile
code DockerFile

Paste the content below to your DockerFile

FROM microsoft/aspnetcore-build  
ARG source  
RUN echo "source: $source"  
WORKDIR /app  
COPY ${source:-/build} .  
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "SpaDocker.dll"]  

Back to console

docker build -t spa:v1 .
docker images
docker run -d -p 4004:80 --name spav1 spa:v1

Open the browser and navigate to http://localhost:4004


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