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2017 Review and 2018 Planning

2017 was a hell of a year for me. On the 20th of November last year, I wrote my first blog post setting my goals for the next 12 months. If I can get 2018 to be half as good as 2017, I'll be super happy.

2017 Goals

  • get more involved on stackoverflow
    • Can do better next year
  • write at least one blog post a month
    • Done. 26 post and counting
  • this includes sharing source at GitHub
    • Done.
  • at least 2 talks per year with multiple deliveries
    • Done. 8 talks, 17 deliveries
  • at least 3 tweets per week about something I find interesting
    • Done.

2018 Goals

  • Keep writing at least 2 blog posts a month. I've setup Microsoft Flow to notify me when my latest post is over 10 days old. Here's the post I wrote about it
  • Record at least 1 video per month related or not to a blog post and publish them in my YouTube Channel
  • 4 different talks with multiple deliveries

My goals this year seem quite similar to last year's and this is just for the fact that I want to keep progressing as I am right now. The only thing that I might do differently is recording as I want to improve this part and maybe make it a habit.

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