Conf Tour 2018

That's just to register here somehow. Here are the talks and conferences I submitted this year. Not necessarly the ones I'm presenting

Azure Functions Aren't Enterprisy, Are They?

Most people think Azure Functions are only for a tiny bit of code. They will be surprised! Why not build your whole application following best practices and only expose the endpoints through functions? In this talk, I'll present a new paradigm, a new way of thinking whilst still leveraging your existing knowledge.

Make Your Life Easier With Logic Apps + Save $$$

Automation is the word of the day. Why do it yourself if there's already a logic app doing it for you? Some, at first sight, silly "getting started" integrations will save you a lot of time and money. Let's build some of these apps and customise them to our needs.

Getting Started with Cosmos DB + EF Core???

Cosmos DB is great and awesomely fast. Wouldn't be even more amazing if we could use our beloved entity framework to manage it? Let see how we can wire it up and get started