Serving Angular App From Azure CDN

I've been using CDN for a long time, but it really never came to my mind to serve a whole client application using CDN. When I first heard about it I thought it was crazy, but then I started investigating to see how easy and feasible it was to achieve that. Found a couple of sites here and there with step-by-step guides on how to use Azure CDN, including in the official documentation, but nothing as specific as I wanted. So started playing with it and I actually got to the other end. So here we go... In this example, »

Angular + .NET Core: Drinking Game With SignalR

This idea came on one of the Angular Hack Days where I wanted to create something to present by the end of the day where I could get everyone involved. The game is quite simple, everyone will load the page and as people connect to the site more glasses of beer will show up on the screen, as you tap or click the amount of beer in your glass will decrease, the first person to empty their glass wins the game. That's what you see when you have the app running with 3 people connected to it: Of course, I »

Angular2 + .net Core: Seamless Client & Server Validation

Most of the projects I work on nowadays are based on forms over data, and something that is always going to happen is some kind of data validation either before getting into the server or on the server itself. And most of the time I want this validation to happen on both sides. The good old .net MVC does that for us beautifully with Unobtrusive Validation, but what about Angular? I haven't found so far a good story that covers this scenario. So I had to build it. So here's what I did: Implemented a global filter in .net to »

Angular2 Routing: Basics

What I'm covering in this post: Implementing Routing into a brand new Angular2 app created using Angular Cli Switching between routes Child routes Nested outlets Auxiliary/Named outlets The source code covered in this post is available here A lot of the content of this post can be found in the Angular2 docs as well. Pre-requisites I'm using Angular Cli to build and run the application. So to follow through the steps below, make sure you install the Angular Cli and all its pre-requisites. You can check their GitHub for more information. Implementing Routing Step 1 - First I'll create »