Azure Functions: Proxies

Azure Functions Proxies has just been announced as preview a couple of days ago and I played with it for a little while. It really fills the gap for a lot of people. First of all, if you haven't played with proxies yet, go to to get started, then come back here :D and... Let's take some simple scenarios: Simplifying URL I've got a simple Azure Function and the full URL to call it is and I want to tidy the URL a bit »

Azure Functions: Getting Started

Alright, so this is for a developer who's never created an Azure Function and want to get started. If you're not a dev and just want to get a feel of it, this is probably not a post for you, go to the Azure Portal and follow their steps to create an azure function using the UI. But if you are a dev, here I'm gonna cover creating a brand new Azure Functions in Visual Studio, configuring Continuous Integration and adding some integrations to it. Tools: Visual Studio 2015 or later Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions Azure Storage Explorer »